Canadian Cardiovascular Congress CCC 2015
Canadian Cardiovascular Congress CCC 2015

CCC 2019 October 24 - 27, 2019 Montréal, QC

About Us

In 1947, it began with three doctors who pondered the idea of creating a group of specialized individuals who could collaborate, learn from each other and talk to each other.

Today, the Canadian Cardiovascular Society is (CCS) over 2000 members strong. We are known nationally and internationally by cardiovascular healthcare professionals for the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC), the CCS Angina classification system, the pan-Canadian Access to Care Benchmarks for the entire continuum of cardiovascular care, and the development of Canadian recommendations for the diagnosis and treatment of heart failure – just to name a few.

What is the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress?

The Canadian Cardiovascular Congress (CCC) is the largest gathering of cardiovascular and allied health professionals in Canada.

The Congress draws cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, researchers, nurses and other cardiovascular specialists from across Canada and around the globe and connects them with other members of the cardiovascular healthcare team. The CCC provides a broad spectrum of cardiovascular health professionals with current scientific information, accredited education opportunities and an ideal forum to connect with other cardiovascular health and care colleagues. This annual conference unites Canada’s cardiovascular community, from physicians to researchers, to network, learn and showcase the latest in research and innovations.

CCS Mission

The CCS is the national voice for cardiovascular clinicians and scientists, promoting cardiovascular health and care excellence through:

  • Knowledge translation, including dissemination of research and application of best practices;
  • Professional development; and
  • Leadership in health policy and advocacy.

CCS Vision

Leading cardiovascular health and care excellence.

CCC Objectives

  1. Strengthen the Canadian cardiovascular care community.
  2. Promote Canadian perspectives on cardiovascular sciences to a global audience.
  3. Enhance opportunities for professional collaboration and networking.
  4. Offer a highly visible platform to showcase research from early career investigators.
  5. Develop the next generation of cardiovascular care leaders through mentorship and network growth.
  6. Provide a forum for the discussion of public policy to strengthen cardiovascular care in Canada.

Heart and Stroke Foundation (HSF)


Healthy lives free of heart disease and stroke. Together we will make it happen.



  • Prevent disease;
  • Save lives; and
  • Promote recovery


Mission achieved through:

  1. Investing in life-saving research;
  2. Advocating for healthy public policies;
  3. Partnering with stakeholders;
  4. Engaging Canadians to make health last; and
  5. Ensuring health equity.


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