Canadian Cardiovascular Congress CCC 2015
Canadian Cardiovascular Congress CCC 2015

CCC 2019 October 24 - 27, 2019 Montréal, QC

Our Committees

The following is a list of the standing committees at CCS with the mandate to develop a high quality scientific program for the CCS Annual Meeting portion of the Canadian Cardiovascular Congress and to help extend the CCS learning experience over the period between congresses.

Anique Ducharme Scientific Program Committee Chair, Featured Research Committee, Workshop Committee, Community Cardiology Committee
Kenneth Gin Annual Meeting Chair
Michelle Graham Outgoing Scientific Program Committee Chair, Stump the Experts Co-chair
Simon Jackson Incoming Annual Meeting Chair
Christopher Franco Track Captain - ASO
John Parker Track Captain - CAD (ACS & AMI/General), CAD/INT, Young Investigator Award Committee
Frédéric Dallaire Track Captain – CONG, Workshop Committee
Bradley Strauss Track Captain – CSI, Young Investigator Award Committee
Matthew Bennett Track Captain - EP (Basic & Clinical), Featured Research Committee Chair
Nowell Fine Track Captain – HF, Featured Research Committee
Wendy Tsang Track Captain – IMAG, PLCY, Featured Research Committee
Sandra Pelaez Track Captain - PREV, CACPR Representative
Sheldon Tobe Track Captain - HTN (Basic)
Denis Bouchard Track Captain - SURG
Nicolas Thibodeau-Jarry Track Captain - EDU
Sean McMurtry Track Captain – Vascular, Workshop Committee
Susan Morris Track Captain – Nursing, Workshop Committee, CCCN Representative
David Bewick Community Cardiology Committee Chair, Workshop Committee
Jean Grégoire Community Cardiology Committee
Nathaniel Moulson Community Cardiology Committee
Guillaume Marquis-Gravel Community Cardiology Committee
Chris Cheung Trainee Program Committee Co-chair, Stump the Experts Co-chair
Claudia Coté Trainee Program Committee Co-chair, Workshop Committee
Chi-Ming Chow Workshop Committee Chair
Joselyn Dupuis Young Investigator Award Chair
Sharon Chih Trainee Research Award Committee Chair
Cindy Yip HSF Representative
Diane Forbes CIHR - ICRH Representative
Karen Schaus CSCT Representative
Danielle Hurtubise CCS Staff
Sandy Bencze CCS Staff

Scientific Program Committee Conflict of Interest Forms (PDF)

Chi-Ming Chow Chair
Anique Ducharme
David Bewick
Claudia Cote
Sean McMurtry
Frédéric Dallaire
Susan Morris
Matthew Bennett Chair
Anique Ducharme
Nowell Fine
Wendy Tsang
Christopher Franco Track Captain - ASO - Term: 2019
John Parker Track Captain - CAD - Term: 2018-2019
Frédéric Dallaire Track Captain - CONG - Term: 2019-2020
Bradley Strauss Track Captain - CSI - Term: 2018-2019
Matthew Bennett Track Captain - EP - Set by CHRS, three year terms: 2017-2019
Nowell Fine Track Captain - HF - Term: 2019-2020
Sheldon Tobe Track Captain - HTN - Term: 2019-2020
Wendy Tsang Track Captain - IMAG - Term: 2018-2019
Sandra Pelaez Track Captain - PREV - Set by CACPR
Denis Bouchard Track Captain - SURG - Set by CSCS
Sean McMurtry Track Captain – VASC - Term: 2015-2019
Nicolas Thibodeau-Jarry Track Captain – EDU - Term: 2019
Susan Morris Track Co-Captain – NURS - Set by CCCN
Wendy Tsang Track Captain - PLCY - Term: 2019
Chi-Ming Chow Chair
Jonathan Choy Past Chair
Sabe De
Benedict Glover
Guillaume Marquis-Gravel
Lisa Mielniczuk
Dakshina R. Murthy
Syed Najaf Nadeem
Stephanie Poon
Elizbeth Swiggum
Vanessa Richardson CCS Staff
Mariah Belis CCS Staff
Nahanni McIntosh CCS Staff

Andrew Krahn

Andrew KrahnCCS President

Ken Gin

Ken GinChair, CCS Annual Meeting

Anique Ducharme

Anique DucharmeChair, Scientific Programme Committee

Chi-Ming Chow

Chi-Ming ChowChair, Professional Development Committee