CCSC virtuel 2020 du mercredi 21 octobre au samedi 24 octobre

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2019 Speakers
2019 Speakers


Welcome to your Speaker Resources!

As a speaker, you’ll be sharing your expertise with the Canadian cardiovascular community and the world! You’ll be able to connect with a captive audience and engage in thoughtful conversations with colleagues and friends. That’s what CCC 2020 Virtual is all about and we’re so glad you’ll be a part of it.

By now, you’ve seen countless webinars and online presentations. What makes the best ones stand out? Was it how the speaker drew the audience in with questions? Told a compelling human story? Or reflected back to the audience mutual concern and interest? How interactive and creative was it?

The best virtual presentations do all of these things.

As you prepare for your presentation, we’ve assembled ideas, expert insights, practical tips and inspiration so that your video presentation is a positive experience.

Module 1:

Presenting at a virtual conference:

Secrets to Great Virtual Presentations


Module 2:

Choose all that apply to the types of sessions you are participating in:

Tips for Engaging Pre-Recorded & Live Chat

Tips for Engaging Pre-Recorded & Live Text

Tips for Live Panel Presentations

Choose all that apply to the types of sessions you are participating in:

Managing your Presentation (PDF)
Speaker Best Practices (PDF)

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the modules and are thinking about your talk, do you still have questions about how to make your talk “pop”? Come meet Sarah live!

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